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The Question of WHAT

Simon Sinek thought we should start with the WHY, continue with HOW, and end with WHAT. An article like this would normally be headlined with WHY. Frankly, we never understood WHAT he meant by WHY. From our perspective, the interesting part is the WHAT.

WHAT we do today, WHAT we plan tomorrow. We can entertain a hundred definitions of the meaning of life (the why´s). But it is the WHAT that expresses our role. The WHAT defines how we interact with others, WHAT we invest in, or do not invest in, WHAT we do with challenges, and WHAT we do to nudge the world in a direction we find meaningful.

We take so many things for granted. Among them are the WHY, HOW, WHAT. We like to challenge established truth. Not criticism for criticism’s sake, but to create more humane realities going forward.

Global population has been growing exponentially and cannot continue at this pace much longer. We still believe the planet has plenty of room, but sooner or later the number of people will have to stabilize. Coming from a scarcely populated country (Norway), where social distancing is a virtue, we appreciate the value of space and nature. Our country is physically larger than Japan, yet our whole population could fit into the district of some of its large cities.

There are denominators that correlate with lower fertility rates: the education of women, access to healthcare, safety, gender equality, work opportunities for women, equal pay and more. All of these factors are common in our culture, but not in universally present everywhere.

Our WHAT: We invest in education, health care, work opportunities, particularly for women in other parts of the world.
This is WHAT we do. Investments


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