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The Power of Equality

The world has united in a set of commonly accepted goals, the SDG´s (link). As capital owners, we fully support this direction. With the grotesque level of inequalities among people, however, it is clearly we’re not arranging the potential team of eight billion heads optimally. So many on this planet lack the educational, physical, mental, or financial means to enjoy, let along contribute to, sustainable development.

One of the most potent forces for human progress is to increase the number of those on the team. We need to open the doors and share the tools that will enhance contribution. In practice, this means lifting people out of poverty, sharing access to education and jobs, and entrepreneurship. The world’s billions of people cannot depend on a few white, Western billionaires to solve the problems. Those who are closest to the challenges know best what it takes to solve them and how a better world would look to them.

This cannot be planned in a board room in Washington or from a stage in Davos. The world is full of grassroot initiatives, table banking groups headed by women, local activists and start-ups. They should be lifted on to center stage, listened to, and included. We need to cater to systems where local talent can prosper and local changemakers set the agenda.

We truly believe the path to progress in the world goes through increased equality and a level playing field. It is simply the more cost-efficient path to removing obstacles to attaining SDGs.


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