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The Meaning of Life

From our perspective, the question may be imprecise. We prefer to look for purpose in life.
From our perspective, there is no more meaning to one life or another, be it an animal, plant, or human life. How can one person claim to have more meaning than another? This claim leads to conflict and reduces tolerance for other opinions.

There is the persistence of human pride or hubris, and the egocentric individual believes that the human species, or the individual, is the center of the universe. Tuning down our egocentric beliefs, however, we may shift the focus of life to purpose and accept that there is not one universal “meaning” that holds for everyone.

Moving the focus away from meaning strengthens the sense of life’s purpose and joy. If we can combine them, we can look forward to every new morning, fresh with opportunities, possibilities of interaction and new knowledge.

Many of us enjoy a quality of life that previously was reserved for royals. We are lucky to have ancestors who fought for workers’ rights, gender equality, and democracy and entrepreneurs who created prosperity for the many.

With such a solid base of human progress, we are fortunate to work for further improvements that will benefit people now and in the future. We foresee deep and widespread joy if we can contribute to better education, better work opportunities, and more collaborations among countries. New solutions, combined with tolerance, access and respect can take the world to the next level. It may not add up to the “meaning of life,” but it’s at least a pleasant way to spend each day.


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