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The Ingredients of Impact

Every business model is based on solving other people’s challenges in exchange for their money. A company is based on a combination of ideas, people, and money to fund the operations.

An idea is not a static Eureka! moment, but a moving target within the minds of people. Money is just a description of resources, like land, factory, and staff. Jointly, the elements of the puzzle are connected through processes, procedures, methods, and system. There is a key component we should extrapolate: any success in business, or impact has two ingredients, “Minds and Money.”

Against the core values of an enterprise, all other ingredients are just background noise. In our businesses, we try to avoid whatever does not enhance our impact and performance. Several external components may aid businesses, but wherever we can, we try to avoid factors that are not at the core of operations. This includes bankers, advisers, managers, lawyers, intermediates, and managed funds. In short, the whole financial sector. They may be superhelpful for many corporate types who connect mind and money. They contribute to building new industries, solutions and solve problems. They may create rules, comply with laws, and do a lot of other useful stuff. We acknowledge their contributions to many companies, and we happily work with outside partners, networking and participating with them in the exchange of ideas. But the magic itself lies with the company’s Minds and Money.

The internet has connected people around the globe. The rules governing cross-border money transfers have been eased. Decentralized finance will further improve financial inclusion. Talent can thrive in the most remote places. This offers an opening for a new approach for democratized entrepreneurship, outside the circle of the privileged. New, successful businesses are not restricted to wealthy capital cities, but can be allocated to the best global talents, wherever they were born and live. The race for the future is not about having friends from exclusive universities, but about connecting, motivating, and growing capacity in any part of the world.

We love to aim straight for human talent and try to connect them with smart money, encouragement, and a world market. That’s it. Simple in theory, hard to execute.


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