Real talk about the Health of the Global Balance
on Acini and the work ahead of us.

The question of WHAT

Simon Sinek thought we should start with the WHY, continue with HOW, and end with WHAT.

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In the current economic world order, every company needs to have a healthy financial return or at least to break even. If not, they run out of money and go bankrupt.

Every business model is based on solving other people’s challenges in exchange for their money. A company is based on a combination of ideas, people, and money to fund the operations. 

The recipe for building a successful tech company has been the automatization of every process. Silicon Valley has idolized the automatization of human contact.

From our perspective, the question may be imprecise. We prefer to look for purpose in life. Is there more meaning to one life or another, be it an animal, plant, or human life? How can one person claim to have more meaning than another? 

The key in impact investment is to improve the conditions of people, the planet, and profit. However, the decision makers have been mostly white, Western men. We at Acini are no different, as Anand Giridharadas’s noted in his book

We assume all people are born equal. At birth a person doesn’t belong to a country, or have a language, culture, religion, tribe, or even a family. The last may be controversial, as there are obvious similarities among family members. 

One of the most potent forces for human progress is to increase the number of those on the team. We need to open the doors and share the tools that will enhance contribution.

If you had an idea that was going to outrage the world, would you keep it to yourself?

Charles Darwin