On average, we receive one new investment proposal per day and invest in one new company per year.

Our focus is on establishing new companies or growing and scaling our current group.






Clean Water





There are 3 ingredients for impact:

Ideas, Money & People

An idea is not a static eureka, it is a moving target within the minds of people, and money is just a description of resources. Long story short, any success in business, or impact has two ingredients: “Minds and Money”.

All other ingredients are just noise. Thus, we try to avoid: Bankers, Advisers, Managers, Lawyers, Intermediates, Funds. In short the whole financial sector as such. They may connect mind and money, they may create rules, comply with laws, and a lot of other. But the magic itself is Minds and Money. We aim straight for the human talent, and try to connect it with smart money. That’s it. Simple in theory, hard to execute.


Operational vs financial

We don’t consider a company for investment if its sustainability, potential for scaling, and quality of leadership are not up to the mark. The prospect of financial return does not drive our investment decisions, but is rather a consequence of other considerations.

Practically speaking, this may include additional funding during times of hardship, connection to other resources or to other companies we work with or invest in. We like it when all our companies succeed, and we encourage broad collaboration among them to make that happen.

MASTER WiZR – Give all the tool to shine virtually – proudly also co-developing high end virtual backgrounds for video conferencing, training and more.

MASTER WiZR – Give all the tool to shine virtually – proudly also co-developing

high end virtual backgrounds for video conferencing, training and more.


& Taxation

Acini, domiciled in Norway, embraces a culture of transparency. As with any other company registered here, all our financial figures, income statements, balances sheets, and ownership information are available online.

We follow local tax rules, pay a wealth tax, and have excluded investments or investment vehicles that are domiciled in tax havens. There is nothing unique in this policy; many do the same. We truly believe in “all hands-on deck” when it comes to transparency and taxation.

Still, we have to address the fact that about USD 30 trillion is still hidden in secretive structures in tax havens globally. Legally acceptable, perhaps, but morally detestable.

“Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation.” Oscar Wilde

Family owned

As owners, we enjoy living in fortunate conditions in a largely unfair world. There’s a need for more tolerance, equal opportunities, inclusion, and broad empowerment to benefit everyone on the planet. The tools are at hand: we need only mobilize capital and human resources for problem solving instead of problem building. 

There are willing heads and hands on all continents for this journey. When they connect with capital, magic happens.

The group consist of Acini Holding AS, Acini Capital AS, Acini Invest AS, Acini Invest AS. All are 100 % family-owned.

“School is the advertising agency which makes you believe that you need the society as it is.” Ivan Illich